Author: Felecia Thompson


What Do You Do In a Minor Car Accident?

Car accidents can be horrifying and might leave an everlasting impact on your life. It doesn’t matter if the accident is minor or significant; it would put you in a state of panic. Every person reacts to a car accident in their way, which can be a shock, feeling of anger, or sadness. Some people […]


7 Things Bloggers Do to Get More Followers

Blogs are a great way to pen your thoughts regarding a specific topic of interest or any niche. Blogs have become particularly popular over the last decade with the increase in the use of the internet as well as the boom of social media. One of the reasons people post blogs is to get maximum […]


How to find a good English tutor?

If we want to learn and improve our English, we must have a teacher at our disposal with whom we feel comfortable. So if we work with the right person, we will make the difference between making valuable progress or being discouraged and making it impossible. Based on all this, it is important to know […]


What are boutique stores?

The word “boutique” is French. This French term means “shop”. However, by definition, it is known as a small convenience store that sells any form of clothing, jewelry, or some luxury goods. In simpler terms, it is a specialized type of retail store. The critical thing to know is that a boutique is much different […]


Guide to Columbia Airport

Columbia Metropolitan Airport is South Carolina’s largest airport. It is the main passenger airport that serves Columbia and South Carolina. It is located 5 miles Southwest of Columbia, has only one terminal and 16 departure gates. Its flights are operated by American Carriers to larger international airports. In addition, Columbia Metropolitan Airport has two customer […]


Big Lots – Guest Experience Survey

Big Lots is one of the first names that comes to mind when listing stores to shop for furniture, electronic, food, accessories, home decoy and even toys. The all-rounder store has been in existence since 1867, when it was invented by Sol Shenk and called Consolidated International. Thankfully, the name has been changed to Big […]


What is an external hard drive used for?

Computer space is limited. Only after transferring some limited pictures, videos and documents into your computer, you come across the bright sign on your computer saying “Memory Disk Full!”. This is one of the most frustrating situations as computers are considered to be the backbone where one can store unlimited amounts of data. There is […]


What is active duty status?

Active-duty status is a military term used for soldiers on staff. It has been in use since the turn of the century too. Both world wars featured active-duty soldiers that were stationed in many places. The Vietnam War and Persian Gulf War also made use out of active-duty soldiers. It helps to take a closer […]