5 Tips for Running Engaging Instagram Giveaways

After creating an online store on Instagram, the page needs to be promoted to attract customers. One of the best ways to do this is to give away prizes. But contests have their own special advantages, which are especially useful on Instagram. By using this method of promotion, you’ll increase user engagement. They’ll start remembering you more often, berating you, commenting on your posts, and sharing your posts. Profile engagement and mentions are important factors for success on the social network, without which it is impossible to promote the page. By making your profile more recognizable, you will attract subscribers and new customers.

Drawing audience on Instagram by comments

The mechanics of drawing by comments is extremely simple – a user needs to leave a comment under the post with the promotion. The kind of comment will depend on the terms of the contest. Add interactivity, e.g. you can ask your users to tell you why they signed up. There is no need to make the contest too complicated so as not to discourage people from participating. Allow comments of any kind, but on the condition that people like the post and acknowledge their friends. Make it clear that you can leave a huge number of comments and this will increase the chances of winning. You will solve two problems at once – you will increase engagement, and you will be able to boost Instagram followers. Thanks to active commenting, the post will be promoted on Instagram and will attract additional attention.

Drawing in stories and with the help of bloggers

The winner is chosen using a randomizer. Stories are saved for 24 hours, so it’s advisable to draw within a tight timeframe and use top Instagram growth services. But even if the story disappears, you can still check if the user fulfilled the condition. Going into direct, you will see a message about the tag. Blogger ads are very popular methinks, but this approach requires good preparation to get results. Advertising with bloggers is a simpler way to promote a prank via social networks, which, under the condition of the careful selection of a contractor, can be effective. Finding a performer in advertising will help blogger exchanges. These are marketplaces of services where proposals for cooperation are collected. There are many exchanges, and they are easy to find. The convenience of exchangers is that they have search filters – you can specify topics, the number of subscribers, engagement rate, and even cost.

Drawing via hashtags

Hashtag draws are suitable for profiles that already have a large audience of subscribers. Here are some contest ideas you can use: a story about your introduction to the store; showing the product in action; unpacking the product; a short video review of the product; a holiday-themed photo.

Explain how the results will be judged

The conditions for determining a winner should be clearly stated. Participants have to understand exactly how you are going to sum up the results, even if it’s in a purely subjective way (the winner is chosen by the company at their discretion), define the criteria “Choose a funny comment”, “Choose a long comment”. Make sure the participant understands what you want him to do. It’s also important to clarify how you’ll announce the winner. Will you just post or start a live stream in which you pick the lucky winners? Usually, people who participate in the drawing, follow it. This means that if you don’t summarize the results by the specified deadline and don’t warn them about it, you’ll catch a wave of negativity in the comments and direct.

What about during the contest: warming up a new audience

And so you started the drawing: subscribers are pouring like rain, likes are being put and comments are being written, and you are just sitting and waiting for the drawing to end – don’t do that. Think through your promotion strategy beforehand for the period when the drawing is launched. The prank is a stimulating tool to get attention. And it’s a big mistake to think that attention should be drawn to the drawing itself. You’re developing your blog or business profile – show your expertise, and your status, and reveal your personality.