Best Color for a Metal Roof

Now that you have finally decided to bite the bullet and get a metal roof, you are probably very excited about it. Indeed, the most enjoyable part of all of it would have to be picking out the color of the roof. Of course, this can also be a bit of a daunting and stressful process, so that is one of the reasons why it’s a good thing that the professionals from Titan Upgrades are available to answer all of your questions, and you can check out their cool-paint for at Either way, you should carefully consider the type of coat and color on your roof. Here are some tips:

Study the various factors regarding roof color.

Of course, you will quickly learn that many different factors exist regarding the selection of the proper roof color. Additionally, everyone’s situation is just a little bit different. Here are some factors that will help you narrow down your choice of a metal roof color:

Personal Preference

Just like every building is unique, every property owner’s personal tastes regarding roof color can be unique as well. Variety is the spice of life, and there are a lot of things that come into play when it comes to personal preference.

Custom coloring

One of the most beautiful things about today’s metal roofing is that the amount of choices is almost virtually endless. You can even add your own specified level ( link here) of gloss or shininess. This is a really good option if you live in an upper-class neighborhood and want to truly stand out.

Try to base the color on other parts of the structure.

The best thing you can do is base the color off of the other parts of your building. Ideally, you want the colors to be able to complement each other.

Keep the trends in mind.

If you are the trendy type, getting a roof that meshes with the rest of the neighborhood is probably your best bet.

Be aware of geographic trends.

Sometimes, the best color for a metal roof might depend on your specific geographic location. Different parts of the country will have different colors that are trendy. Here are some colors that different regions will value:


In a mountainous region, you will generally see roofs with colors of Evergreen, Hartford Green, Bronze colors, and a whole host of gray finishes too.


Regions in the Southern United States usually prefer roofs of Latin architecture. Spanish tile is very popular, but if you want a metal roof that has this look you could easily settle for Terra Cotta and Colonial Red.


The plains encompass such areas as the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and possibly the Dakotas and Montana. Metal roof colors such as Dove Gray, Ash Gray, Mansard Brown, and Surrey Beige.

Metal roofs in brighter colors are the rule of the day in a tropical region. Colors such as Copper, blue and custom will rule the day here. As you can see, there are a lot of fascinating colors to choose from. For a list of even more great colors, look here and enjoy your new metal roof