How to find a good English tutor?

If we want to learn and improve our English, we must have a teacher at our disposal with whom we feel comfortable. So if we work with the right person, we will make the difference between making valuable progress or being discouraged and making it impossible. Based on all this, it is important to know some tips and find the best English tutors in Melbourne.


Tips to find the best English teacher.

The tips that we offer you in this article so that you can find the best tutor to work English are the following:

Native teacher or not.

Native teachers control all the expressions and language that is normally used. For the Speaking section, it can be very helpful, since we are going to get used to the original accent. They can even tell you curiosities about Anglo-Saxon culture.

In the case that the teachers are not native, they identify better with their students, since they have had to make an effort to learn or improve the language in the same way that the students themselves do. They usually explain certain concepts in a way that is easier to understand.

Find a person who has certain experience.

Even if you know English, you cannot become a teacher directly. A good example is when you have to explain a concept to a person who does not know a word of the language that you have to teach him. Therefore, a language teacher must handle this fluently. Another factor is that an experienced teacher is going to make the class as pleasant as possible.

The Methodology.

The methodology for working with any type of subject or language is essential because it must be adapted to the specific needs of the student. So before deciding on a teacher or others, ask how they teach. A good example of a useful methodology is that you can speak English during classes.

Also, this methodology must be adapted to you, since preparing for an exam is not the same as learning it at a more or less basic level.

Question of chemistry.

It is a very subjective factor, but certainly very important, whether there is personal chemistry between a student and a teacher. A good English teacher will be the one who manages to make the classes fun, make us feel comfortable, and even adapt to our personality. For this reason, before starting it is important that you have an initial conversation to get to know him and that you can ask him all the questions you consider appropriate.


Therefore, to get the best English tutors in Melbourne it is important to follow certain criteria. These criteria are summarized in the choice of a person who has experience in case it is necessary to make certain changes in the classes. Besides, it has to take into account what you need, that is, if a native teacher will be better for you or not. Along with this, comes a very subjective factor, the personal chemistry between the teacher and the student, in this way, you will enjoy working the language. Finally, it is good to stop to investigate the tutor’s methodology, for this, it is good to contact different people as much as possible to have an initial conversation and tell you how it will help you.