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Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy: What to Know

The fields of therapy often overlap, causing people to confuse the different elements of therapy. For others, they begin to use the terms interchangeably. Such is the case when it comes to occupational therapy and physical therapy. Both forms of therapy require the practitioner to offer hands-on work to restore the patient back to their previous condition. They are both inclined to help the client gain full control of their body and perform daily tasks independently. However, each of the forms of therapy solves this by completely different approaches. Scroll down for a more detailed description and differentiation of the two. For more information on occupational therapy and also on physical therapy, why don’t you click on this link https://www.fortleept.com/. As the premier therapy practitioner, Fort Lee Physical Therapy is known for its customized and intensive care for each of its patients. If you need to inquire about any of their services, make reference to the contact information. What is occupational therapy?…