Twitter Follower Count: Does it Really Matter?

Does it really matter? How many Twitter followers that you have? It seems like a vain issue but the truth of the matter is that it does. A large following makes you stand out in your industry. Other brands and corporations will be interested in what you can offer in terms of paid partnerships and collaborations.

In need of growing Twitter followers? Well, you are in the right place. In this article, we will be outlining the various tips and tricks for growing your Twitter account.

Tweeting often

You often hear about quality over quantity. And in most cases, the mantra serves to be true. But on Twitter, you need to be aggressive to gain a better percentage of the audience. This allows you to engage with your audience. If you are in doubt of this statement, go and check out leading brands on the social media platform. Some accounts have more than five tweets every day.

Tweeting is also not about posting content related to your industry or services. You can reply to tweet from your followers. Retweeting breaking news or notable industry articles is also recommended.

Timing of your tweets

Imagine you have everything prepared. The perfect content is the result of hours of research and analysis. You have used the appropriate tools to edit supporting content. However, your target audience is cozy and warm in their blankets. This doesn’t help you break into the market and gain some new followers.

Therefore, timing is very important. For maximum engagement, it is recommended that you post your content either in the morning or early/late afternoons. During these times, you are bound to get your audience fresh out of bed, in traffic, or during their breaks.

This also depends on the time zone of your audience concerning yours.

Visual content

While Twitter is known for its dialogue and comments, you should be aware of the effect that visual content has. Tweets that have some visual content have been known to receive greater attention. Remember the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words?’ Well, it seems that it is still in play.

An image is bound to stop a social media user who is only scrolling through and lure them in. It doesn’t have to be over the top. Even a simple image with a dash of color is enough to do the trick.

The use of hashtags

Do you know of the use of SEO keywords and phrases by Google and other search engines? Well, think of hashtags in the same manner. With the use of hashtags, your posts will appear more frequently in Twitter searches.

It goes without saying that a hashtag also has to be relevant to the industry and also to what is trending at the time. Industry hashtags will give you a greater reach and also improve engagement with your clients. You also have the option of using community hashtags such as #WallpaperWednesday or #MondayMotivation.