Violet Summers: The History of Becoming an Instagram Influencer

Instagram is such a sensation when it comes to cute photos and videos of both people and animals. Businesses and other brands have taken advantage of a large number of users on the app and reach out to them through influencers. If you are keen, you will notice people with verified accounts such as Violet Summers have brands they promote. To learn more about her, find bio here.

Violet Summers origin

She was born on November 29, 1998, in Phoenix, Arizona. The 22-year-old girl however was raised in Texas. Little is known about her parents and siblings as she does not put out their information publicly.

When she was a small girl, she was outgoing and spent most of her free time dancing and cheerleading. It was at this age she discovered the beauty of her body and often joked about being a stripper when she grows old.


At the age of 18, she opened her first Instagram account that has made tremendous growth since then to the recent day where she has more than 8 million followers on her Instagram account. Her content mainly entails adult content or her sexy body in bikinis, lingerie, or other female inner wares.

In the year 2020, the model was featured in the Penthouse magazine as the pet of the month in April that made her more famous. Before then, she and the Penthouse magazine started following each other in 2019. Afterward, more people discovered her account and this brought more offers to become a brand ambassador.

Interested and personality

That sexy body is not made in a fortnight. Summers enjoys working out and does not miss out on her routines. From a young age, she had so much confidence in her body and says does not shy about posing naked in front of the camera. Gathering from the content she posts, her body is her greatest asset.

The model has a great love for makers and is seen wearing them in some of her photos. This was not the case from a small age as she had a preference for flip-flops and this changed with time.

This came after she drew inspiration from Alexis Ren on Instagram. Her pose wearing sneakers while posing on a skateboard gave her more drive and interest in sneakers.


Violet is an inspiration to many women around the world to be comfortable in their skin and bodies. She is also inspired by other top Instagram users such as Alexis Ren.

Relationship status

As most people are curious whether she is in a relationship or not, from her social media accounts she seems more focused on her career. She does not give a hint of whether she is seeing someone or not. People also ask if she is bisexual as some of her adult content has some girls in it. She says she is calm but does not mind trying out some stuff with girls.

In conclusion, Instagram influencers encourage us to be comfortable in our skin and bodies. You can also gain confidence from them and become an influencer. This could increase your net worth tremendously!