What Are Shopping Features On Instagram?

Here is a list of some main Instagram shopping features:

Addition of product tags in Instagram posts

Instagram posts become more shoppable by adding tags. Interested buyers can discover new products in your posts and click on them to complete a purchase. You can also avail yourself of help from the Instagram growth service.

How can we add product tags in Instagram posts?

  •         Open your Instagram app
  •         Tap on the positive icon
  •         Select a photo or video
  •         In most settings, choose the tag products option. Then, tap on the area of the image to add a tag
  •         Type the name of the product and tap share.

Social media marketing tutors can also guide you on inserting product tags in Instagram posts.

Instagram shopping tab

Instagram has introduced some new features, with a redesigned home page and a new shopping tab. You can easily explore featured products from brands you follow by using them.

Live shopping

Live shopping allows people to purchase products inspired by a brand or influencer’s live video content. It will enable people to sell products directly. Both brands and influencers can tag products in their live videos. If you have less than 10k followers, you can enjoy swipe-up features on stories. Users should place a product in an Instagram bag. Then by going to the apps’ explore tab and tapping ‘shop, ‘they can get their desired outcome. Brands will access the Instagram checkout before using the live shopping feature of Instagram.

Checkout feature of Instagram

If you want to streamline your sales, you can enable the checkout feature on Instagram. Shopping features can also be used, such as shopping tags, improved product ads, set up new product launches notifications, and live shopping stories. In addition, for a person who uses Instagram checkout, Instagram offers that they can waive sales fees for small businesses for a limited time.

Advance features for shops

Instagram announces shops features to help in getting access to all businesses. It gives businesses more control over how they merchandise their shops. It involves new layouts and a real-time preview of collections.

Instagram’s insights

Your insight page can check the performances of posts on Instagram. In this way, content performances can be reviewed. In addition, the following metrics can be included:

Views of products: How many times do the users view your page.

Tag clicks of products: The number of times the user clicks on the tag clicks.

Clicks of the website: The number of times you use the website by clicking on it.

Instagram’s guides shopping

Instagram’s guide to shopping lets you easily share recommendations or tips in different formats of different places, posts, and products using Instagram guides. You can create a list of your best-selling products and effectively advertise them to your customers.

Instagram shopping from creators

Brands can make sales with influencers and creators. Followers can pursue it by using Instagram checkout.

IGTV and Instagram Reels shopping

It is a new feature announced by Instagram in 2020. You can share products links in IGTV videos in the description box. Viewers can open these links simply by tapping on them. Shopping with reels can also be done by tagging products in reels.