What Is the Best Month to Go to Miami?

Boasting of well-acclaimed natural beauty and favorable climate, Miami is a known holiday destination in Florida. World-class Miami hotels, electrifying nightlife, excellent shopping experience, and striking sandy beaches make Miami one of the sought-after holiday destinations. Whether you are on a romantic getaway, a business trip, or on a family vacation, then Miami would leave spellbound and asking for more. While having a great time in Miami you can even start travel blogging. To inspire yourself see what Carmen – luxury travel blogger does and what her life looks like.

People often make one mistake while trying to determine the best time to visit Miami, assuming it doesn’t matter. Anyone looking to avoid bitter cold temperatures should visit in winter, the busiest season when the beaches are perfect. The summer and springs are the best for outdoor and there are threats of hurricanes.

Let’s decide when you should visit Miami.


This is the most ideal time of the year to visit Miami. When other parts of the country freeze, Miami stays near perfect. There are some chilly cold fonts, but most days are okay for a free happy hour. While winter falls in a gap between party-centric Miami music week and high profile art Basel, expect a lot of activities to do and beautiful sights such as boulevards of palm trees that are wrapped in festival lights. The city benefits from its annual boom in the number of visitors and each year result in something new.


Spring is the last phase of great weather before the hot summer arrives. A moderate climate can accommodate some absolutely gorgeous days favorable for individuals coming to Miami for the fishing, beach or other outdoor activities. There is also Miami music week, where DJs gather at the beginning of springs, which is around 20th march to 25th march. After that, the city remains active, but our events schedule starts to cool down.


Miami has a love and hate relationship with the summer. It is the slowest season in the city, especially for hospitality Nightlife crowds and restaurants decline as tourists return to their homes. It gets hot and humid. July is the hottest month in the city at an average of 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Getting a seat at the hottest restaurant in the city is a breeze, especially in the month of August and September, when the Miami spice promotion arrives and gives fixed prices for lunch and dinner at some fancy joints. If rubbing shoulders with influences and ogling bikini-clad models is your things, then in July Miami swim week heats up.


Miami comes to life as the humid blankest of summer start to lift. Parties’ starts to fill up while touring activities from significant headliners to smaller indie acts grace our different – sized music venues. Locals mix with an increasing tourist population and it ends with the biggest annual event that Miami offers: Miami art week, which is from December 5 to December 8 in 2019. Whether you are in for many exhibits, the flagship show, or exclusive parties at Miami Beach, you will get to enjoy during Basel season.