What Tools Do Private Investigators Use?

Private investigators use multiple tools to do their jobs, from high-tech to everyday tools, we will explain what people in the profession use to do their jobs. Private investigators are trained people who use many investigative techniques to find important information hidden from others, and many are sophisticated. Duties include interviewing people, search for clues, conduct surveillance, collect evidence for court. Verify facts about people, investigate computers and information. Much of their work is done with a PC or computer, which allows them to get information, such as telephone numbers, network sites and records of a person’s arrests.

Device Cloning

Some private investigators copy information from other sources, such as a hard drive, it preserves all the data so if something is deleted, a copy is there. This can be used to track past doing and habits to reveal information relevant to them. This is not as illegal as spyware, which is illegal under many jurisdictions. The way of obtaining the original can vary, but according to HG.org’s Legal resources, it is legal in many cases, but there are still some risks.


One of the more obvious and obtainable tools are cameras, they can customize these to have big lenses to take far away pictures. They can use pictures to document where someone was at a certain time, when they left when they entered, and who they were with. A camera can also be used to document the actions of a person through video.


Databases can be used to gather information on a person. Certain databases can have things such as name, age, birth date, location and past locations, phone number, email address and social media. Private investigators tend to have access to special databases that are not usually open to the public.

Layered voice analysis:

This tool is very advanced and can be used to identify emotion in one’s voice. Usually used in real-time, (can be used for recorded audios and/or phone conversations), it can determine if someone is telling the truth or the opposite. It can isolate emotions and say, for example, if someone is stressed or if someone is sad. Insurance companies sometimes use this tool to see if someone is lying and lawyers as well.

Deep Google Search

With so much information being recorded on Google, it is not a surprise it can be used for private investigating. Many people do not take full advantage of how capable Google is. The “around” feature can search for two words within a specific range from each other, the “site” tool will search a certain website for teens and a minus sign will exclude a term. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a deep search on Google.

Private investigators use so many tools to get their jobs done. These include but are not limited to, cameras, GPS’s, search engines, databases and computer AI to help them. Some are accessible to the everyday person as well!
Private investigator cost can vary from hundreds of dollars to thousands, depending on investigators needs. For example, professional camera by Canon will cost about 2,000 USD and macro lens can be around 1,400 USD.
AI and various computer technologies have varying costs.