Is English one of the hardest languages to learn?

English is a very important language, especially in today’s time. Apart from its extensive and complex history, English has much more to offer. The past couple of decades, especially, have seen the exponential rise in the importance as well as the use of the English language. It is now one of the few languages that are easily spoken, understood, and comprehended in almost all parts and countries of the world. It is so popular that almost as much as 53 countries have declared it their official language and it is also spoken by almost 400 million individuals all around the world. The concept of digital learning has further made the learning process easier and more convenient. Now people can learn a language by hiring the best available tutors in the world and start lessons online. For instance, a person wanting to learn English can easily look for English tutoring Sydney or use any other similar search request as long as he/she has the right resources like a laptop and a good internet connection.

The importance of English can be measured by the fact that it is known as the universal language as well as the language of business. Without having the right and proper grip on the language, you cannot expect to succeed in international business particularly because many parties engage only in this language. The beauty of this language is that wherever you may go, you will almost most certainly find people who converse in this language. For instance, you go to a place like China and are not aware of the Chinese language, you can always opt for the option of speaking and conversing in English since chances are that many Chinese people understand and speak English. So, in simpler terms, having the ability to speak and to converse in English can prove to be a game-changer or even a lifesaver for someone who is going to an unknown foreign land.

Language Complexity

As far as the complexity of the language is concerned, there is no doubt that like any other language out there today, English too, has its fair share of difficulties when it comes to learning it. The grammar and sentence structuring part, especially, is very tricky and is something that is not even perfected or mastered by the language’s native speakers. However, apart from that learning, English is not so hard. In fact, the reason why so many people all over the world have learned and understood how to speak, write and comprehend English is because of the reason that it is not so complex and is fairly easy to learn.

Availability of Professional Help

Since English is widely spoken and understood, there is no shortage of professional people who can make the learning process much more interesting and easy. The availability of professional help makes the entire process much easier. A person looking to learn English quickly can opt for many different courses and other such facilities physically as well.