Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy: What to Know

The fields of therapy often overlap, causing people to confuse the different elements of therapy. For others, they begin to use the terms interchangeably. Such is the case when it comes to occupational therapy and physical therapy. Both forms of therapy require the practitioner to offer hands-on work to restore the patient back to their previous condition. They are both inclined to help the client gain full control of their body and perform daily tasks independently. However, each of the forms of therapy solves this by completely different approaches. Scroll down for a more detailed description and differentiation of the two.

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What is occupational therapy?

For the perfect description of this form of therapy, you could say that occupational therapy is interested in providing a holistic solution to the victim. An occupational therapist will approach this from a welfare or wellness perspective. Occupational therapy is interested in helping people to be fully engaged in the normal activities of their lives (this is not only from a physical angle, but also behavioral and emotional as well).

What is physical therapy?

A physical therapist is more geared towards the patient’s very impairment, and it is often from a muscle-skeleton approach. Physical therapy is interested in improving said impairment back to its original condition and offering the patient the normal range of the function. This would include flexibility, contraction, and coordination with other parts of the body.

When working with a physical therapist, they will organize for you a custom program that will be centered on the part of the body. The specific program will help in the regaining of motion, increase in strength, and also alleviating the pain. The program typically comes in the form of exercises and stretches that can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

So, which should you choose?

The first thing you should consider is the type of injury that you have suffered and also the type of impairment caused by your injury or accident.,

With the availability of information on the internet and research magazines online, it is prudent that you make use of it and research. The available information may help you make the choice of either needing a physical therapist or an occupational therapist.

You can also make inquiries from a trusted medical officer who will instruct you on the best option between the two considering the extent of your injury.