Reasons Macau Should Be Your Next Destination in Asia

If you are a traveler or planning to be one, there are places that you should not miss. One of those mind-boggling areas in Macau. Here are some reasons you should buy a plane ticket to Macau.

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It has the world’s biggest casino

From the outside, Macau seems like a little giant. But inside it stands the Venetian Macao, which is the world’s largest casino resort. It might be that you are tired of seeing pictures of the place on Google. If that’s you, then you have a greater reason to fuel your inspiration to make money because this place makes up to seven times more in annual gaming revenue than Vegas.

This means that not only is it big, but also in terms of the service they give.

Cheaper hotel stays

To prove that Macau offers a beautiful service, then you will definitely enjoy their room service. Let’s talk about their price. We all know that five stars are just five stars. But in Macau, it generally costs less and gives you an offer worth your buck. Some hotels include Mandarin Oriental Macau, JW Marriott, and Venetian Macao.

So, if you’re going to stay, stay in style.

Discover the science behind longevity

Our lifestyle defines how we live and who we become at the end of it. You might be skeptical of Macau because of its gambling life, but maybe you are wrong because the people here are not active. We are not basing this argument on pure talk, but on facts. Statistics show that Macau citizens enjoy the 4th longest life expectancy in the world, with an average age of 84.60.

This is because of the good governance of their country. The government puts gambling profits to good use by pumping into free health care and welfare programs. This is usually accompanied by a good Macau diet and exercise regimen.

Big thrills

Forget about watching horror films and the common rollercoaster, Macau wants the A-players of the fearless. Macau Tower is home to the Guinness World Record holder for the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. This is ultimate A-level thrill-seeking stuff. In short, being in Macau is not for the weak if you are seeking to have awesome, adrenaline-packed activities. There are other activities that can start you off, and they include things like Skywalk and Sky Jump Activities.

Unique culture

Macau is far from the typical city that you will get to see. Since the territory was leased to the Portuguese for 400 years, life has never been the same again. The two cultures combined to make it one of a kind.

Home to the foodies

Those who love food ought to drop at Macao. The locals cannot deny the quality being delivered, especially for fine dining. It doesn’t stop there. Their game even on street food is lit, and that’s why Macau is leaping bounds in the culinary capitals.